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Medialon control Products such as Medialon Manager, Medialon Showmaster, use plug-in drivers called MXM (Medialon XObject Modules) to control devices. It exists a wide range of MXMs for most popular devices on the market connected through Serial, Midi, Time Code*, Infrared*, Modbus*, OPC*, TCP/IP etc.

There are also MXMs plug-ins to add functionalities or control the new type of devices encountered in modern AV / IT installations: SQL Database for data management, FTP Site for media management and transfer, Email engine, Telephony engine to build up a DTMF server, etc. Medialon Manager really brings the power of AV/IT to Show and Media Control.

These plug-ins are developped by Medialon or certified developpers. Most of them are free, some third party developpers sell their Mxms. 
Audio Processor
BSS Soundweb
Merging Ovation
Peavey MediaMatrix Pasha
Richmond SoundMan
BSS Soundweb London
Peavey MediaMatrix
QSC Audio Q-Sys
RMS Sinfonia
Audio Server
Digigram Audio Server
Sony MDS-B5
Medialon Audio Server
Sony Camera VISCA
Data Management
Medialon Database
Medialon FTP Client
Medialon eMail
Medialon FilesManagement
Medialon Strings Management
Medialon SNMP
Video Server
Medialon MIP
DoremiLabs V1 & Nugget
Ektacom Streamcoder
Grass Valley Turbo
Louth VDCP
Medialon Sync Master
Pioneer DVD-V7X00–8000 Series
Visual Circuit Servers
Alcorn McBride DVM
Dataton Watchout IP
DVS Blade
Grass Valley K2
Iridas Frame Cycler
Medialon Local Media Player
Odetics RS422
Sony RS422
Video Processor
Analog Way Graphic Switcher
Analog Way Octo-Series
GrassValley Encore
Analog Way iX-Series
Barco Folsom Encore
Video Projector
Barco DLP VP
Christie Projectors
Medialon PJLink
Barco LCD VP
Barco FLM CLM Projectors
Digital Projection Projectors
Sony VLP Network Projectors
Driver Editor
Medialon Low Level Communicator
Field Bus
CIP Ethernet IP
Medialon Modbus TCP
Medialon OSC
Dataton Smartpax
Medialon OPC Client
Medialon InfraRed
Extron Matrix 100 Switcher
Pelco–9750 Video Matrix
Pro-Bel Matrix Switcher
Extron Matrix 3200/6400/12800 Switcher
Philips LTC 8300 Video Matrix
Rouvroy Matrix Switcher
Medialon DMX512
Medialon MIDI IN/OUT
Medialon MIDI Machine Control
Medialon MIDI AudioController
Medialon MIDI Show Control
Relay I/O
Leunig ePowerSwitch
IT Cue Station
Medialon IO
Philips Ethernet Controller Keypad
StagetechRigging System
Medialon Telephony
Time Code
Medialon TimeCode
Medialon AppLauncher
Medialon HTTP Remote
Medialon Picture
Medialon Variables Management
Medialon WebBrowser
Medialon Script
Medialon EventLog
Medialon Network Utilities
Medialon Playlist
Medialon Video Capture
Microsoft Kinect for Windows
Medialon HTTP Client
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