Showmaster Editor

Showmaster Editor is the programming platform for the Showmaster family of hardware controllers. It uses the same user interface as Medialon Manager and its legendary ease of programming and reliability.                                    

Thanks to its easy graphical programming environment, application are programmed in much less time than with any other conventional control system, neither coding nor compilation is required. 

Its native synchronization capabilities and its legendary Timeline with drag and drop programming makes it the ideal choice for Show Control Applications. However, complex logical task programming is also available.

Showmaster Editor does not requires compilation and can be programmed in real time, while connected to Showmaster Hardware and control devices, making testing real fast. The design of touch screen is greatly improved in Version 2. Showmaster convert on the fly the user designed touch pages to Web "touch" pages that can be used on iPad or Android tablets.

Program and test at the same time, no compilation
Open Architecture
Fully compliant with TCP/IP networking
Synchronize 100th sec. accuracy with our legendary Timeline
Touch screens for iPad, Android or Windows 8 Tablets

Front Panel
  • Drag & Drop Programming
  • Multitasking: Several tasks can run simultaneously in synchronization or separately.
  • Driver writing tool: Built-in TCP/IP serial and MIDI driver
  • Real Time program testing
  • Recording (DMX, MIDI, Serial)
  • Alarm via Email
  • SQL Database
  • Log Files
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