Medialon AppLauncher

Version:6.1.3 (AppRemote version= 6.1.2)
Available For:Manager V6 (Lite & Pro), Showmaster (ST, Pro, LE, XS & iPro)
Limitation In:
Device Brand:Medialon
Positrack Compatible:No
Resources Type:TCP/IP Network
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This mxm provides a way to control a third party software from Manager or Display Controller. The application to be controlled can reside on the local computer or on a remote computer.

If it resides on a remote computer it will run on this computer and vill be remotly controlled from the computer where Manager or Display Controller is running. The command set provides a wide range of commands including windows size, bring to top, etc to fully control software behaviour. Key commands are also provided: they simulate keyboard strokes in the application.

A command line can be added at startup to proceed tasks.

A knowledge of the application that has to be controlled (command line documentation, shortcuts, menus…) is recommended.

For example, this MxM can be used to control presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint™, Macromedia Director™ or any other software needed in an application.

MxM Installation

When the application to be controlled is running on a remote computer, the executable ‘AppRemote.exe’ must also be running on this computer. The MXM AppLauncher will communicate the actions to proceed to AppRemote through TCP/ IP.

AppRemote is available on the MXM sub-folder of Medialon Product, after MXM installation. AppRemote can be also downloaded from Medialon WEB Site.

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