AV engages users to get social

Waiting for a bus, waiting to pick the kids up at school, waiting for a table at a restaurant… we have trained ourselves to multitask during these moments of down time, and it usually involves checking in on social media. Feeding off of this tendency, creative restaurateurs are encouraging social engagement in their spaces through the use of video wall technology.

A recent article from rAVe [publications] highlights the growing popularity of using video walls for collaborative engagement. One of the examples given in the article is about a restaurant with a video wall composed of video cubes.

The large video wall stretches the entire span of the wall, creating a huge video canvas, and it displays real-time social media posts from patrons who are in the restaurant. Patrons can connect through social media on their phones to share information such as photos, status updates, political commentary, and plans for the night. This interactive, completely social tool allows expression while branding the location as a fun, technology-savvy hangout.

According to Social Media for Business Performance, “Social media engagement with your customers offers a unique opportunity to share broadcast information, influence the community and, provide detailed, individualized conversation by answering questions directly, all in one tool.”

This creative use of AV to engage an audience’s natural tendency to jump on social media allows guests to be entertained while they wait, whether or not they are actively posting themselves. It reduces the frustration of waiting for a table, and helps with the overall dining experience.

Restaurants and other types of public venues can use video walls to engage their audiences in other ways as well. For example, immersing patrons in another world with interactive, changing scenery, such as a jungle or island, can add to the overall ambiance of the space, creating an escape from reality. With a hook into social media, users can then share photos from their latest tropical vacation to correspond with the scenery establishing a full circle interactive environment, prompted by the produced content. This allows the overall experience to be somewhat scripted, but left open to audience participation.

Do you have a great idea about using social media and AV to engage your clients, but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Contact one of our project engineers to see how Medialon can help.