College Football Hall of Fame Media Wall highlights latest technological innovations

The College Football Hall of Fame is home to an award winning video wall, one that encapsulates years of players and coaches through a customizable touch screen viewing.

Measuring 52-feet long, the interactive media wall won Obscura Digital the DSE Bronze Apex Award in the Arts, Entertainment & Recreation category in 2015.

As one of the first things visitors can view in the Hall of Fame, designers had to determine how to include all 756 college football teams over decades of history filled with plays, losses and unbelievable wins, without overshadowing one team for another.

In order to please all guests, the designers decided to target the content show to each viewer based on their favorite team and preferences. After signing into the Hall of Fame, visitors were given a RFID (radio-frequency identification) lanyard, which is then read by the video wall software upon close proximity. The wall’s content is then configured to the visitor’s college football team, turning the 39 screens into a continuation of memorable moments throughout their career.

How did the designers accomplish this feat?

  • Maximize control: By using the latest innovations, such as the RFID lanyard, the exhibit gives both patrons and designers complete control over the experience. Letting patrons choose their favorite team also enhances data collection and tracking as well.
  • Patron-centered development: Although the Hall is over 94,000 square feet in size, a video wall such as this could have the potential to bottleneck patrons into unorganized disarray. Instead of cramming all the football memorabilia into one space, visitors can interact with their favorite team along the wall, engaging visitors and moving them along simultaneously.
  • Simplicity: With an easy to understand interface, using the touch screen wall is as effortless as placing a few fingers on the panel and swiping. As visitors of all ages are welcome in the exhibit, keeping it simple for both the old and young is essential.

The Hall of Fame design was also made possible by the latest audiovisual technology. BBI Engineering, an AV services creator, installed 45 Medialon MIP HD video players and one Medialon Manager V6 software to control the players, displays, projectors, and interface within the lighting and interactive kiosks.

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