Control Plug-ins Store

Control Plug-ins Store

These plug-ins are developed by Medialon or certified developers. Most of them are free, some third party developers sell their MxMs.




Medialon Products such as Medialon Manager, Medialon Showmaster, use plug-in drivers called MXM (Medialon XObject Modules) to control devices. Medialon Control Systems include a wide range of MXMs for the most popular devices on the market, connected through Serial, MIDI, Time Code, Infrared, Modbus, OPC, TCP/IP etc.




Medialon MXM plug-in drivers use a resource to physically connect to the device. These resources are provided by a software layer called MRC (Medialon Resource Connector).  Resources can be Windows serial or relay cards, a Windows over IP serial converter, or any other hardware such as, AMX NetLinx, Artistic Licence ArtNet, Windows PC resources, Global Caché, etc.




Medialon Products also include a powerful driver editing tool. The “Low Level Communicator” MXM allows users to write their own drivers using Serial, TCP/IP, UDP and MIDI communication. These drivers, called LLC, can be shared on our website with other Medialon users.