From a video wall in the lobby to an executive briefing suite, and conference rooms to product showrooms, Medialon control systems simplify the control of audio, video, and lighting systems. Facility-wide supervision helps AV staff to see real-time status and plan for preventative maintenance such as projector lamp changes.


AVFX Video Wall in Boston

Bio Med Binney Street (1)

Showmaster XS turns the whole system on in the morning and off at night at a selectable times and provides the easy to use interface for the security personnel.

Skoda at Mondial de l’Automobile (Motor Show)

skoda_booth_paris06_02_hrMedialon Manager was the show-control system driving the Skoda booth at the Mondial de l’Automobile (Paris Motor Show) in France.


Philips at IFA trade Fair

philips_ifa06_03_hrMedialon Manager recently played a key behind-the-scenes role at the IFA in Berlin providing the user interface for an extensive complement of show equipment in the Philips booth at the world’s largest consumer electronics trade fair.


Ford Auto Exhibit

ford_02_hrFord called on media designer Video Tube to program and install the technology. In turn, Video Tube, also requiring the best in technology, chose Medialon to control the show’s media.


CeBIT 2004

cebit04_03_hrGround Zero Berlin programmed on the Deutsche Telekom stand the T-Online Stages with 30 different Shows on three Stages with the new SQL-MXM.


Hyundai Motor Show

hyundai_01_hrInteractive Controls Pty Ltd Australia uses Medialon Manager for control of the Hyundai Motor show stand at the recent Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Motor Shows.



mercedes_01_lrAn elaborate control and synchronization system with seven connected Medialon Manager show controllers and twelve Medialon Display Players running seamless looping videos in six synchronous groups



saab_01_lrCreative Technology Germany employed Medialon Manager for SAAB’s presentation in Detroit.


Siemens Trade Show

siemens_trade_show_belgium_01_hrSiemens Trade Show uses Medialon Manager to display their products on digital video.


The Golden Horn

the-golden-horn-01-hrA Medialon Control system has been installed in The Golden Horn, a new snoezelen centre for people with severe physical and mental disabilities based in Denmark.


LEF Future Center

lef_future_centre_01_hrThe newly-constructed LEF Future Centre of Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Traffic) has been installed with a Medialon Manager system.


MEEC – Multimedia Entertainment & Exhibition Centre


Hong Kong’s new Multimedia Entertainment and Exhibition Centre uses Medialon Show Control for extensive AV needs.


DHL Innovation Center

dhl_innovation_center_01_hrThe DHL Innovation Center is where the world’s leading logistics company demonstrates its vision of the logistics of the future in a real-world setting where new technical solutions come to life. The Center turns technology into something visitors can see and feel with help from Medialon Manager show control.



trygvesta_01_hrMedialon has helped TrygVesta, the second-largest supplier on the Nordic market for general insurance, inspire employees to develop new ideas with an innovative business lab in Denmark.


KarstadtQuelle / Arcandor AG

karstadt_quelle_02_hrMedialon Manager is at the heart of a general modernization of the headquarters of Arcandor AG (formerly KarstadtQuelle AG) in Essen, Germany. Medialon Manager is used as a centralized control system for various installations in the HQ the most complex of which is an interactive, kinetic picture wall.


Barco Demo Center

barco-demo-center-nyc-lrMedialon Manager simplifies Barco Studio “26Broadway” facility’s operation to make it easy for salespeople to turn on and off the entire system as well as run presentations that showcase the various different products, all from an elegant iPad WebPanel interface.


Alcatel-Lucent Headquarters’ Showroom

alcatel_lucent_logo_lr_01Medialon Manager show control software manages the Dataton Watchout system in the Alcatel-Lucent headquarters’ showroom in Paris.


RiteAid Convention

riteaid_01_hrLMG Inc. developed an innovative technical plan for the annual RiteAid convention, held this year at the Anaheim Convention Center. Medialon Manager system controls complex staging featuring vertical edge blending with Analog Way.



gillette_01_hrA Medialon show control system played a cutting-edge role in the launch of the Fusion razor at the Gillette North America Business Meeting in Orland and helped create immersive display environment.


National Assembly for Wales

national_assembly_for_wales_01_hrMedialon has provided a complete media-management solution for the National Assembly for Wales. The solution has been implemented in the main debating chamber and in the committee and media briefing rooms and includes building signage.



belgacom_01_lrShow-control system for a conference room installation at Belgacom, Belgium’s leading Telecommunications company


Aarhus School

aarhus_school_01_hrTeletech routes and controls audio with Medialon for a language training program in Denmark.