Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships

Medialon control systems control and supervise audio, video, and lighting systems on cruise ships all over the world. From simple background music systems to Broadcast Center automation, and production shows to shipwide AV supervision, Medialon systems simplify daily AV operations for a variety of users.


Queen Mary II

Queen MaryTwo large and complex theaters as there are not so many, with all the latest technology usually used in theaters and live events.


Color Line Cruise Ships

Color LineThanks to Medialon Manager, only one sound engineer is needed to operate the 2 complex shows that take place on the Color Fantasy cruise ship.


Birka Paradise Cruise


The company has chosen Medialon Display System as the server for the 15” LCD screens located in front of each conference room. The entire system is updated from a central position and in combination with their booking system.


Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity SolsticeMedialon goes on board on the newly-built “Celebrity Solstice” cruise ship and offers a full AV devices control system in the Solstice Theatre.