Multichannel Audio Servers

Multichannel Audio ServersAudio And Video Servers

Our Multichannel Audio Servers are designed for the Museum and Theme Park market, offering unique features for these applications.

MAS Audio Server can either be used as a multitrack audio player or several independently controlled multitrack players.

Medialon Manager V6 Kiosk software can be used to build interactive kiosk applications or play frame-accurately synchronized video across many PCs.


Audio Servers



MAS Server

CobraNet Audio Server for asynchronous multi-zone or synchronous multi-track playback.




MAS Server Dante
The popular MAS PRO multi-track playback engine, now with Dante output.



Interactive Kiosk Software


Manager Kiosk

Manager Kiosk

Build interactive kiosk applications that play video, programmatically display web content, and interact with the show control system. Manager V6 Kiosk can also be used to play video on multiple computers with frame accurate synchronization.