Control and synchronize exhibit audio, video, lighting, and special effects. Customize guest experience by playing specific media for specific guests, tracked by RFID. Supervise, control, and schedule all your exhibits from the comfort of your office. Medialon control systems and media players make it easy to tell your story.


Medal of Honor Memorial Museum

medal_of_honor_memorial_museum_01_hr_sans texte

Medialon Manager was selected for system control at the new Medal of Honor Memorial Museum, part of the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina.




The National World War I Museum and Memorial

WW1MuseumInstall-210Medialon’s show control system allows the museum to synchronize and manage exhibit audio, video, lighting and special effects. Customizable for each unique setting, Medialon show control eliminates old, bulky hardware and replaces it with advanced system controls capable of supervising and scheduling exhibits from one central are



Dutch National Military Museum

rapenburg plaza national military museum av

Medialon Manager V6 Pro software manages the Pharos controllers and various KissBox interfaces. Using a Medialon AV management system gives museum personnel complete control over the lighting and AV equipment, from both onsite and offsite.

Tenmabashi Bridge

osaka-bridge-01-hr Tenmabashi bridge, one of the biggest bridges in Osaka, Japan, is enlightened with stunning lighting projections controlled and scheduled via Medialon technology.


Better Place Visitor Center


A Medialon system has been installed in Better Place, the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) services provider, in its first electric vehicle demonstration center in Israel.


Alexandra Park Race Course


A full Medialon system has been integrated in Alexandra Park, a prestigious horse racing venue in Auckland, New Zealand.


UNT – Upsala Nya Tidning Visitor Centre

upsala_nya_tidning_01_hr Medialon is the main A/V controller of the Upsala Nya Tidning visitor center, a famous daily Swedish newspaper.


BBC Public Visitor Center

BBC_01_hr Medialon Manager was installed to control the interactive exhibits, projections and signage information systems in the BBC Public Visitor Centre. Medialon provides master supervisory control as well as AV and show control for the Centre.


Central Business District of Beijing, The Place

central_business_district_beijing_01_hr Medialon is providing automatic show control for a project in the central business district of Beijing, which consists of a nearly 65,000-square foot video canopy with 14.5 million LEDs. The canopy covers an open circulation area forming part of a new building development called “The Place”.


Australian Football League Hall of Fame


Medialon Manager is proving to be a key member of the team at the Australian Football League (AFL) Hall of Fame for the AFL Adventure.


VTT – Technical Research Center of Finland

vtt_01_lrVTT has selected Medialon show control for a permanent exhibition giving visitors a look into the world of VTT, one of the continent’s leading research centers.

CDC – Center for Disease Control

cdc_01_hr The new visitors center at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta features a multi-story atrium with 18 image areas whose ever-changing image sequences.


The Gaudi Centre

gaudi_centre_01_hr Opened by the City of Reus, the Gaudi Centre has selected Medialon Show Control to control all the AV functions and interactivity for exhibits dedicated to Catalonia’s famed Modernist architect, Antoni Gaudi.


Foundation of the Hellenic World


A pair of Medialon Manager Pro show control systems have been integrated at the Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW) in Athens. FHW is a not-for-profit cultural institution dedicated to the preservation of Hellenic history and tradition.


Olympic and Sports Museum of Barcelona


Medialon provided a Show Control system for the Olympic and Sports Museum of Barcelona. The museum offers a historical, entertaining, ethical and educational view of sports in general and the Olympics in particular.


Château de Gruyères


Medialon Manager has been integrated in a “multimedia” show about the history of the County of Gruyères in the Castle of Gruyères in Switzerland.

Swedish Railway Museum


Medialon Manager has been selected and integrated by Informationsteknik AB, for the AV installation upgrade of the main attraction of the museum where old trains come back to life.

Tower of David, Museum of the History of Jersualem


Tower of David launched a new spectacular night show, fully controlled by Medialon Manager.

Petter Dass Museum


A Medialon system has been integrated in the Petter Dass Museum and controls the entire auditorium and exhibition sections of the museum.


Worker’s Museum


Medialon has been selected as the main show control system for the “Industry worker” exhibition of the Worker’s Museum.

DKM Forum



Medialon Manager offers full AV control of a 4D Cinema, showroom and exhibition inside the recently built DKM Forum.

National Museum of the Pacific War


Medialon gives full AV control at the recently renovated National Museum of the Pacific War George Bush Gallery located in Texas, USA.


Museo de la Ciencia Planetarium


Medialon is providing both show control and digital signage to Barcelona ‘s Museo de la Ciencia (Science Museum).


IMAX Tycho Brahe Planetarium


Denmark ‘s most advanced center for popularizing astronomy and space research has selected Medialon Manager as the show control system for the entire planetarium. The Planetarium uses the power of Medialon Manager to monitor, control and do show programming.


Planetarium de Vaulx-en-Velin


Medialon is reaching for the stars at the recently re-opened Planetarium de Vaulx-en-Velin near Lyons, France where Medialon Manager software is integrated to Evans & Sutherland’s Digistar 3 astronomical simulator.


La Cité de la Mer


Medialon Manager has been selected by the French-based integrator E/T/C, for show and media system control of the new attraction “On a marché sous la mer” at La Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg, France.


Stanley Ho Space Theater


Medialon controls impressive dome projections in the Hong Kong Space Museum’s Theatre, which is one of the first planetarium in the world to possess a fully automatic control system in its theatre.


The Glacier Garden


Medialon is the main controller of the entire indoor part of this scientific museum where visitors can travel back in time and experience the northern adventure 20,000 years under the ice.


Centre of the Cell


A full Medialon control system has been integrated by DJ Willrich in Centre of the Cell, a science centre helping children and young people learn about biomedical science and research through digital games and audio visual displays.


Attenborough Studio Darwin Centre

The Attenborough Studio in the Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum

Medialon offers a unique experience in the state-of-the-art “Attenborough Studio” in the new Darwin Centre in London, UK.


La Cité de l’Energie


Medialon offers a full AV control at the “Cité de l’Energie”, a science and technology-themed centre located in Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada.


Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall


Medialon offers a full AV control to the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, a newly-built venue in Thailand dedicated to the Kingdom of Siam era.