Places of Worship

Places of Worship



Lifepoint Church


Medialon Showmaster LE allows Lifepoint to easily convert the space for different functions throughout the week, controlling video projectors and media servers, as well as lighting and audio.

San Antonio | The Saga


Showmaster LE’s WebPanel technology provided an easy mechanism for XYZ to create user-friendly interfaces for the operators with different levels of access.



Nidaros Cathedral


Medialon Manager Lite controls new sound system in Trondheim, Norway’s historic Nidaros Cathedral. The Cathedral’s sound system is used for daily guided tours of the church in several languages, daily services and special religious events, and concerts and recitals.


Crystal Cathedral

crystal_cathedral_01_hrMedialon Manager was present at the creation when the new show, “Creation: Once Upon All Time”, began performances inside the famed Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California.