Show Control

Show Control

Media Control

Show Control ranges from simple attraction control of lighting and video to Parkwide control, supervision and monitoring. Our range of Embedded Show Controllers as well as our Software version benefit from the same legendary user interface, easy to program yet powerful.


They can all be connected together to form a system or be used individually. Embedded Controllers offers all embedded Interfaces (DMX, MIDI, Timecode), while the software version is installed in a PC with interface cards.


Embedded Controllers


Showmaster LE

Showmaster LE
Show Controller for small to mid-size single-venue show control applications, including synchronization, MIDI, and DMX for lighting control.



Showmaster Pro Mark 2

Showmaster Pro

Show Controller for bigger shows, attractions, and applications where lots of Devices, User Interfaces, and synchronized shows need to be centrally controlled.



Showmaster Editor

Showmaster Editor

Graphical programming environment for the Showmaster line of embedded controllers, based on the award winning Medialon Manager user interface.





Manager V6 Software

Medialon Manager

Turn any PC into a show controller with Medialon Manager V6 software. Programming interface, GUI builder, and show execution engine, all in one piece of software!



Show Control Accessory Cards



PCI Time Code Card

PCI Time Code Card

The AD RG1 is a Time Code LTC reader and generator board that fits into a PCI slot in the Show Control Machine PRO or into a regular PC.



PCI 4 Serial 232 Ports Card

PCI 4 Serial 232 Ports Card

The PCI 4 Serial 232 Ports Card is designed for people looking for an easy-to-use four port serial board.



PCI 4 Serial 422 Ports Card

PCI 4 Serial 422 Card

The PCI 4 Serial 422 Ports Card is designed RS-422/485 industrial communication. Each RS-422/485 port can control up to 32 devices in a multidrop environment.



PCI 32 IN/OUT Relay Card

PCI 32 In Out Relay Card


ADLINK PCI-7432 card is a 32-channel high-density digital input and 32-channel output card. They provide a robust 2,500 V isolation protection which is suitable for most industrial applications.